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A difficult year winds up with a good harvest

The 2022 winemaking year has definitely been one of the most challenging of the last few seasons because of both extreme summer heat and scarce rain in the spring and summer months.

Fortunately, the autochthonous grape varieties–Nebbiolo in particular–are nothing if not resilient and once again have flourished despite the difficult climatic conditions.

This has been confirmed by both technological and phenological assessment of the grape berries, along with the visibly healthy state of the grapes.

It's a bit soon to be calling this an exceptional year, but if the intensity, complexity and concentration of the grape berries–albeit smaller and fewer than usual–combined with the acidity from sharp daily variations in temperature over the last few weeks is anything to go on, there is indeed hope.

In these videos, made during the harvest of the Pernanno vineyard in Castiglione Falletto, where our Barolo Docg Pernanno originates, you can see the quality of the harvest with your own eyes. The grapes were perfect–picked at just the right moment in a grand vineyard of 50-year-old vines capable of maintaining sufficient foliage.

Many years of experience guide our selection of grapes from the vineyards on this side of the hill, so we bring a wine with great structure, excellent bouquet and lasting finish to your glass.

Vittorio Monchiero's opinion



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